A better way to look after your drains

Drain covers that keep your drain free of debris

We are a specialist Company producing high-quality Standard and Bespoke Drain Covers, servicing domestic and commercial properties throughout the UK. Our drain covers are available in various sizes and patterns which can be used all year round. We also offer a tailor-made service to suit individual or business needs.

Our Product Offers

  • Cleaner Drains

    This will minimize the ingress of leaves and debris into the drain.

  • Reduce Blockages

    Keeping self-maintenance to a minimum.

  • Cost Effective

    Save money, reduce maintenance costs and simply wipe over to remove any debris.

Benefits of our Bespoke Drain Covers

  • Easy to Install

    No installation is required, simply place it over the drain grid.

  • High Quality

    Your drain cover is manufactured to the best standards by using the highest quality stainless steel.

  • Weather-Resistant

    Can be used all year round regardless of the season.

Bespoke Drain Covers

Every drain cover is manufactured to the highest standards using the finest quality and the latest technologies for steel fabrication. Unlike off-the-shelf drain covers, bespoke covers are tailored to suit the specific dimensions, shapes, and designs of the drainage system they are intended to cover.

This ensures that they provide optimal coverage and protection against debris, weather, and other external factors that could affect the drainage system’s performance and longevity.