About Us


Bespoke Drain Covers are based in the heart of the Midlands, which has a strong reputation for Manufacturing and advanced engineering. With a passion for innovation, over 50 years of experience in producing stainless steel products, and 30 years of fibre laser and C02 cutting technology, we have acquired a plethora of skills, alongside a fervid determination to create a product that works.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and promise to deliver a quality product to our customers. Whatever your query may be, we are here to assist you with any technical information from measurements to product information.

Our Story

The concept for our bespoke product all started when we experienced problems with our drains, a nasty build-up of leaves and debris, regularly clogging up our drain.  Talking to family and friends, we quickly realised this was a widespread issue regardless of the season.

With a background in laser cutting and design, we made our own drain cover using a 2-kilowatt laser machine that accurately cuts stainless steel. The design was simple yet effective, a cover that kept our drain debris free.

We decided to share our innovation with others and now create standard and bespoke drain covers for properties across the UK for those like us who are looking for a better way to look after their drains.

What makes our company unique?

As well as Drain Covers we also offer specialised Bespoke Design of small or large items such as a shower, BBQ, or pond cover, or maybe a company logo, the choices are endless.

Upon your choice of the item required, we will work with you to create and design your product, this will be at an affordable price using the highest quality.

Our dedicated team will be happy to assist you further with any of your requirements.